Divet Show by Marko Vainio

Unique comedy lip sync drag act and impersonator to your event?
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a night of sheer extravagance, glamour, and fabulousness! 
Get ready to experience the most captivating and dazzling show of the year, the fabulous Divet Show by Marko Vainio! 
You may have seen a drag-show, or an impersonator before, however here’s definitely something you are yet to experience!
Prepare to be mesmerized as Marko Vainio’s take the stage, serving you fierce 
looks, jaw-dropping lip sync, shimmering costumes to the impeccable makeup, and 
an explosion of creativity that will leave you in awe.
What Divet Show brings to your event? Divet Show brings together 
all the international stars you’ve always dreamed of. This is fast-paced look-alike show 
where you can see up to 20 international stars performed by one man, Marko Vainio. 
The show keeps up its tempo and the audience is amazed about the 
quick costume changes, right at the front of the audience, and funny impressions.

The funniest show in town!

You can expect an amazing collection of superstars such as 
Adele, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Kylie Minogue, JLo, Madonna, Liza Minnelli, Cher, Tina Turner, Shirley Bassey, Loreen, Britney Spears and many more, all interpreted by One Man, in one show.
That’s not all, Marko not only flawlessly impersonates female artists, 
but he also captivates audiences with his astonishing ability to channel the essence of male artists like Freddie Mercury and Adam Lambert. 
Prepare to be amazed by his extraordinary talent and versatility as he 
brings to life an array of iconic figures from the world of music and entertainment.
With over 20 years in the industry, more than 2 500 shows, international gigs (Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark etc.) 
and a multitude of awards, so let Marko entertain you too!
So sit back, relax, and get ready for an unforgettable evening filled 
with laughter, comedy, empowerment, and a whole lot of sass. 
Get ready, because the fabulousness is about to unfold right before your eyes! The duration of the show is usually 20-30 minutes, but can be extended to up to 60 minutes (the show can be booked with dancers as well).
Join the Divet Show LIVE for an evening you won’t forget! 
Sold out theaters and venues, there’s no doubt that this is the funniest drag show in Europe!

What would you like to have?

Book Divet Show to your event now and make your occasion burst with glamour, glitter, humour and excitement!


See the most memorable eurovision acts in one show

Europe 12 points!

Your favourite hits like Cha Cha Cha, Tattoo, Molitva, Fuego, Slomo, Waterloo, Lasha Tumbai, Euphoria, Diva, My number one, Fairytale, Rise like a Phoenix and many more!


Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage

The Legends

Madonna, Anastacia, Shirley Bassey, Liza Minnelli, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, Freddie Mercury and many more!


Your disco needs you

The Night of Divas

Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Pink, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Anastacia, Whitney Houston, Adam Lambert and many more!


These dancers will burn the floor

Professional dancers

Great selection of professional dancers from different genres!

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"*" näyttää pakolliset kentät

" Divet Show - These queens rapidly fire through countless divas, keeping energy levels sky high throughout"
Culture Fix
edinburgh Festival fringe

" The drag characters of Divet Show have been entertaining our cruise passengers for several years now, and I have always been extremely satisfied with the performances. The shows are suitable for a wide target audience, both young and older viewers.

As a performer, Divet is versatile and adaptable, with his characters smoothly transitioning from timeless to current. This man excels in both solo performances and larger productions. He is an absolutely brilliant artist, who is just as radiant on stage as the divas he imitates!
I warmly recommend him!
Kati Heiniö, Head of Entertainment
Tallink Silja Cruise Line

" Simply the best world acts together on ONE stage.
World-class performance, Divet Show has it all"
Martijn Lowik
Stage manager,

Utrecht pride, the netherlands
" Rapid-fire, high energy drag crafted with an impressive attention to detail"
Culture Fix
edinburgh Festival fringe

" Best show at the Fringe Festival! Fantastic diva song choices, brilliant costumes, choreography and dancing. The humour is so clever, had a great big smile on my face from start to finish. Huge cheers from audience throughout whole performance "
Evelyn Cox
edinburgh Festival fringe

" Meticulously worked out impersonations, brilliant dancing and the fastest costume changes I've seen in years. Much much more than a drag act!"
Merv Stutter
edinburgh Festival fringe

The story of DIVET SHOW

Divet Show by Marko Vainio has been a sold out act in Finland over 20 years. 

Marko’s main clients are big corporations, theaters and cruise lines. Divet Show has been a highly popular and in-demand act in Finland for over 20 years and it has a proven track record of selling out performances. 


Marko’s show has attracted audiences of all backgrounds, ages, and 

genders owing to its spectacular productions, which include music, dance, comedy, amazing lip-sync and stunning costumes. 



Divet Show has become a favorite among large corporate entities, theaters, and cruise lines. 

Marko has performed at various corporate events for major companies such as Nokia, KONE, ROVIO/Angry Birds and IBM. His performances in theaters have been highly successful, with Divet Show often selling out shows and receiving rave reviews from critics and fans. 


His performances on cruise lines have also been a significant part of his career, as Marko has been a regular performer on Tallink Silja ships since 2007. He has since performed on many other ships and has been a staple of the Finnish cruise industry entertainment scene. 


Overall, Marko’s Divet Show has become one of the most iconic drag performances in Finland, and he continues 

to inspire and entertain audiences with his fun-filled and captivating productions. 


In addition to his success in Finland, Marko Vainio’s Divet Show has also been well-received internationally. He has performed at various events and festivals throughout Europe, including Copenhagen Pride in 2014, Fuengirola in 2015, Alanya in 2015, Prague Pride in 2016, Gran Canary in 2018, Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2019, and World Pride in Copenhagen in 2021. 

The Divet Show has been a highlight of these events, leaving a lasting impression on audiences from all over the world. 

Additionally,  Marko performed at Utrecht Pride in 2023. These international appearances are a testament to the widespread appeal and popularity of Divet Show beyond Finnish borders.


Marko Vainio, the creator and performer of Divet Show, is no stranger to the Finnish entertainment industry. 

He has appeared and impressed 

audiences in various TV shows such as Neljän Tähden Illallinen (Fish on the Cake), Reikä Seinässä (Hole in the wall), Big Brother Finland, and Huomenta Suomi (Good Morning, Finland).


Marko has not only displayed his talent as a comedian and entertainer in the television world, but also participated in All Together Now Suomi where he was one of the judges. He has even been a feature in a Fazer TV commercial. 


Marko’s vast experience in the entertainment field has honed his skills and established him as a well-known personality in Finland.

In 2024 Divet Show celebrates 20th anniversary with the biggest tour so far, Sex, drag & rock ’n’ roll, and launched his first fashion collection for his loyal fans.